Discover a Secret Wrinkle Removal Formula That Any Woman Can Use to Wipe Off Every Signs of Aging On Her Skin, and Start Looking Younger... And Removing Acne From Skin Permanently Without Any Side Effect

I am Angela from Skin Care Mart Nigeria. Can you guess my age at all?

It's a great priviledge to share my personal secret & experience via this platform. I celebreated my 48th birthday few months ago. Young boys & men still run after me when I go shopping alone thinking I'm in mid or late 20s... lol. I enjoy it though. My hubby isn't complaining but very happy I am radiantly pretty even in late 40s.

 If you're reading this letter right now, it means one thing... you are very much intretested in getting rid of wrinkles around your body and get your beautiful skin back in 2 weeks.

That's perfect! The major reason why I decided to share this secret solution via this website is for you. 


One great thing that makes me happy is, this amazing wrinkle removal cream works wonder on my body and many of my customers in Abuja, Lagos, Kano, Benin, Onitsha, Abeokuta, Yola, Port Harcourt, Anambra, Osogbo, Kastina, Ibadan, Enugu, Jalingo, Umuahia, Owerri, Ado-Ekiti, Ile-Ife, and other regions in Nigeria. Testimonies keep coming in daily from people who already got wrinkles cleared off their lovely skin witin few days, getting their skins and faces to become like that of a baby within few days.

Not only that, this has helped many relationships, marriages and self eteem of my customers. 

I am sure you also desire to get rid of wrinkle on your body and faces, but you have been wondering on how to achieve this and thinking is this wonder working cream realy working... It works wonders and you don't need to accept your fate as regards the wrinkles on your body, you need to take steps and join the people who are smiling today via the wonder of this amazing product that works without ANY side effects.

100s of amazing testimonies comes in daily from our customers. Due to space, we can't post all of them here. Below is just few of the amazing testimonies

One major thing I have realized is this: Aging with Grace and Aging badly is a CHOICE. We will all get old one day, becoming 35, 40,60,70,80 years old or more but you need to choose right either you want to age badly or you want to age with grace!

You can really keep looking fresh, living wrinkles FREE... as long as you desire, irrespctive of your age. You can as well look dry, sag, wrinkled and ugly. Its all a matter of choice

Which One is Your VERY Choice?

Guess What?

The Wonder Essence Wrinkle Removal Cream will do amazing things for you once you start applying it on your skin. The benefits to your skin are amazing!


  • Main Benefit #1 - Removes all wrinkles on your skin

  • Main Benefit #2 - Cure Skin dryiness and keep your skin beautifully moisturized 24hrs every 7days (24/7)

  • Main Benefit #3 - Age beautifully with grace.

  • Main Benefit #4 - Makes your skin soft and very smooth, bringing back your lovely & beautiful skin color with freshness

Once you start applying this amazing cream on your skin, you will start seeing great changes within 2 weeks.

While many people in their 40s, 50s are already having lot of wrinkles on their faces and body, some others are looking sexy, beautifully lovely without wrinkles in their 50s, 60s... below are few!

Do you think these women just magically have a beautiful skin like this without taking care of it?


They get their amazingly lovely skin becasue they know many beauty secrets that you don't know and one of this major beauty secret is how to naturally remove wrinkles from your skin with the use of amazing creams like WONDER ESSENCE WRINKLES REMOVAL CREAM.

This people will NEVER talk about this in the public as trthey don't want you to know the secret of their beauty so you can keep adoring and admiring them while you look old, dry, tired and ugly!

But your story can TOTALLY change today as I am giving you access to this amazing scret WONDER ESSENCE WRINKLE REMOVAL CREAM that will perform great  miracle on your skin and keep you younger than your age in skin, freshness and look within few weeks.

Another major skin challenges I had to battle with was acne and sagging skin... but thank God for EFERO Face Repair & Moisturizing Cream. Using it along side with WONDER ESSENCE WRINKLE REMOVAL CREAM was a great skin care solution for me.


Mrs Eunice From Owerri got amazing testimony and result within 1 month, using this amazing 2in1 Facial Care Solutions(i.e the Wonder Wrinkle Removal Cream and the EFERO Facial Cream.

This woman you see above is 56 year old from Owerri, within 1 month.... she was able to wipe off her wrinkles and rejuvenate her dry skin making her look younger and fresher so let me tell you my friend...

You will rather call her bae instead of grandma after the 30days of using this amazing cream. Some people are already looking old cargo in their early 50s, 60s while others are lokking very charming and pretty. You too can have a change of story as regards your body today.

WONDER ESSENCE WRINKLES REMOVAL CREAM is very easy to use with amazing features for you!

  • 100% Natural & Safe Solution
  • No Costly Plastic Surgery, Pills or Injections
  • Works for all skin colors
  • You don't need to change your body cream
  • It will remove your wrinkles within few days and keep your skin moisturized 24/7
  • It will increase softness and smoothness of your skin
  • Get ready for complements from your friends and enemies... lol
  • Tightens your skin around the neck region thereby getting rid of slacked skins thereby
  • Very affordable even if you are a junior civil servant.



  • STEP 1:  Take a shower to ensure your skin is clean.

  • STEP 2: Dry your body with clean towel, and squeeze out Wonder Essence  Wrinkle Remover from the bottle into your palm.
  • STEP 3: Rub it all over your face and neck region like just your regular cream, also if you want, apply it all over your body as well to get even results, make sure that you massage it gently all over your skin.
  • STEP 3: Then wait for about 2 - 5 minutes so that your skin can fully absorb it before applying any other cream or make up on your body.




  • STEP 1:  Take a shower to ensure your skin is clean.

  • STEP 2: Dry your body with clean towel, and apply some quantity of the EFERO FACIAL REPAIR CREAM on your face
  • STEP 3: Gently massage your face
  • STEP 3: Then wait for about 2 - 5 minutes so that your skin can fully absorb it before applying any other cream or make up on your body.

Are you ready to start clearing wrinkles, acne and sagging skin off your face and body?

If Yes, then you need to hurry and place your order now!

Wednesday, May 15th, 2019

We have only 13pcs each left for the 2in1 Facial Skin Care Solutions. Just 13pcs left and may be sold out by in few hours!!!

Discount Price For Wonder Essence 

Wonder Essence Wrinkle Removal Cream (1pcs) = ₦11,000 (instead of ₦19,000)

Wonder Essence Wrinkle Removal Cream (2pcs)  = ₦16,000 (instead of ₦38,000) 

Wonder Essence Wrinkle Removal Cream (3pcs)  = ₦20,000 (instead of ₦57,000)


Discount Price For EFERO Facial Repair & Acne Removal Cream 

EFERO Facial Repair Cream (1pcs) = ₦12,500 (instead of ₦23,000)

EFERO Facial Repair Removal Cream (2pcs)  = ₦18,000 (instead of ₦46,000) 

EFERO Facial Repair  Removal Cream (3pcs)  = ₦23,000 (instead of ₦69,000)

Discount Price For The 2in1 Facial Care Solutions 

Wonder Essence Wrinkle Removal Cream (1pcs)  +  EFERO Facial Repair Cream (1pcs) = ₦19,000 (instead of ₦23,500)

Wonder Essence Wrinkle Removal Cream (2pcs)  +  EFERO Facial Repair Removal Cream (2pcs)  = ₦28,000 (instead of ₦34,000

Wonder Essence(3pcs)  +  EFERO Facial Repair  Removal Cream (3pcs)  = ₦39,000 (instead of ₦46,000)

NOTE:  Every order attracts a flat shipping fee of ₦1,000 no matter the location in Nigeria

The Amazing Discount Prices Will Increase In Few Hours

If You Know That You Are Travelling or You Currently Do Not Have The Cash, PLEASE DO NOT ORDER NOW. So As To Ensure That Those Who REALLY Need It Get Theirs In This Few Stock Left. Please Take NOTE of This!!!

We are making this Payment on Delivery based on trust. Please be sure you are FULLY ready for this product(s) and the money to pay at the point of delivery is available before you placed order.

Cases Like: I don't have money, I travelled, I was just joking with the order and many other unreasonable excuses are heart-breaking and unfair. We use money to send the product via courier company. And many other serious individuals will be denied access to the same products if you order and you end up unserious.

...And if you won't be around at the given Location, kindly give the money to someone to collect it on your behalf .

Thanks for your corporation, you can proceed to place order if you are FULLY ready for it.

We have got you covered, we deliver excellent customer-focused services.

NOTE: We don't offer payment on delivery to the following states and locations: MAIDUGURI, YOLA, GOMBE, DAMATURU, UYO, YENAGOA, CALABAR, GUSAU, SOKOTO, KEEBI, JALINGO, BAUCHI, ZAMFARA, DUTSE, KANO

If you are placing order from those states and locations, you will have to pay to the acccount below. You will receive your order in your location within 24-48hrs after payment.

Bank Deposit, Internet/ATM Transfer/Mobile Money etc 

STEP 1: Make a deposit/transfer of product amount into:
Bank: Stanbic IBTC Bank 
Account Name: Total-Health 360 Int'l
Account No: 003-216-8405

STEP 2: After payment, fill the form above with YOUR NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER(s) & QUANTITY YOU WANT.

As soon as we confirm your payment, we will forward your order to you via DHL. You will receive it in your location within 24-48hrs.

You Can Also Place Your Order By Filling The Form Below

NOTE: After filling the form, ensure you click the Submit Your Order button, and wait for few minutes for your details to be sent to us.

Include your house/office number, street name, town and state.

If you're still thinking whether this is for you or not then let me make something very clear...

Once you reach 35 years old and those wrinkles begin to set in, No matter how much you spend on buying those costly make up, they'll NEVER be able to remove of your wrinkles... acne on your face can be so annoying as well

So, your best chance is to get a bottle of Wonder Essence Wrinkle Removal Cream and start clearing your wrinkles from the inside... it's an internal stuff, not a surface problem that make-ups can hide.

With this powerful cream, even if you're already 60 years... 
you'll still look fresh, beautiful and very young like this...

If you are ready to get rid of acne permanently today, EFERO Facial Repair & Acne Remoavl Cream is your answer!!!

Apart from removing wrinkles acne, saggy face, the 2in1 Facial Care Solutions will also:


  • Makes your skin firmer and smoother
  • Helps remove blemishes on the skin
  • Cure your dry skin and keeps it moisturized 24/7
  • Keeps your skin very bright
  • Infuse more collagen to make your skin age VERY slowly
  • Activate the production of more skin cells to keep you looking very young and beautiful always, etc.

You Can Also Place Your Order By Filling The Form Below

NOTE: After filling the form, ensure you click the Submit Your Order button, and wait for few minutes for your details to be sent to us.

Include your house/office number, street name, town and state.

You can also chat us up on WhatsApp for more enquiries or for your questions using the whatsapp button below:

Frequently Asked Questions By Customers

1. At what age should I start using it?

Answer:Wrinkles and Acnes are like typhoid. Before they become visible they start building up below the skin. This usually starts from your late 20s. The earlier you start using this the further you post-pone the onset of wrinkles by about 15 years. Therefore if your first set of wrinkles are supposed to become visible at 30 it would push it further. Also, if the wrinkles are already visible the cream starts wiping them off immediately you start using them .

2. Does it work for all skin colors?

Answer: Yes it does. 


3. Will it bleach my skin?

Answer: No, Wonder Essence cream and EFERO Facial Cream does not bleach. 


4. How soon can I see results?

Answer: You would start seeing improvement in your looks 14 days into using the cream and by the 38th day you would see a more visible improvement in your looks. 


5. How often should I use it?

Answer: Use it everyday. First before applying your make up in the morning and at night before you go to bed.


6. Will it affect the cream and make up I'm using it?

Answer: No it doesn't. It perfectly blends in with your cream and make-up.


7. How can I know it's working?

Answer: Take a picture of yourself before you start using the cream, and another picture 38 days into using the cream. Then compare the two. You would see a visible improvement.


8. What if I'm pregnant, breast feeding ?

Answer: Please do not purchase if you are breast-feeding or pregnant and you have a skin problem kindly contact your Doctor first for advise. Or wait till its three months after your delivery as by that time you can be sure its not a skin issue related to your pregnancy.


9. If i use natural methods like cucumber to tackle my wrinkles and acne, do i still need this cream?

Answer: Yes, for a faster results you would need to compliment the natural methods with this cream or use just the cream


10. How many bottles do i need to use before i start getting results ?

Answer: Just a bottle would do considerable improvement on your face, and the more bottles you use the more the improvement you get would be.



11. Does the cream remove black spots?

Answer: No it doesn't. Kindly call our customer care help desk for a cream that does. Wonder Essence helps get rid of wrinkles, while EFERO Facial Cream helps get rid of acne and sagging facial skin.


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