WE ARE ASKING: Who said Glaucoma, Cataracts, Astigmatism, etc has no remedy...? Today, and for the FIRST TIME, we're introducing a Herbal Remedy for Better Vision, Clearer and Stronger Eyesight.

Medically Researched Herbal Remedy That Support Vision, Restore Bad Eyesight and Protect Against Glaucoma, Cataracts, Myopia, Macular Degeneration, Astigmatism, etc...

Save 60% OFF + Free Shipping Nationwide Today!

  • Restore Eye Health
  • Improves Vision Clarity
  • Protect Vision Against Glaucoma, Cataracts and Macular Degeneration

Like you, we understand how extremely important the eyesight is to ANY human being, and from our dealings with thousands of customers, one can pay ANY AMOUNT to have a perfect 10/10 Vision

Just recently, I found out that people spend over UGX5,800,000 to have an Eye Surgery...

Wow! That's a WHOPPING UGX5,800,000 plus. Whereas, with less than 10% of that money, you could have a BETTER.

The newly discovered Asian Herbal Remedy that improves healthy vision, and help protect against vision threatening eye diseases. You will be overwhelmed with the mountains of research the Asian has done on vision and eye health!!!

The Asian herbs are so powerful, I must say... Because in as little as 3 Months of using this Herbal Eye Bright Tea, people with eye defects like Glaucoma, Cataract, Astigmatism(name it), have been able to restore bad eyesight of over 10 years... The results are incredible.

Save 60% OFF + Free Shipping Nationwide

Normal Price for 2pcs =  Ugx 393,000 

Today's Discounted Price for 2pcs= Ugx 198,000

NOTE: You will enjoy FREE SHIPPING Countrywide!!!

  • Improves dry eye and avoids irritation.

  • Prevents and improves night blindness, presbyopia, glaucoma, and other eye diseases.

  • It speeds up the regeneration of rhodopsin, improve night vision
  •  It has been used by Thousand of Happy Ugandans
  • Improves the ocular micro-circulation, protect vision especially for myopia, amblyopia and other ocular diseases

  • It can remove toxic chemicals within the retina, myopic eye excessive secretion, etc

  • It is 100 percent Pure and Healthy


  • 2pcs of Eye Bright Tea =  Ugx 198,000 

  • 4pcs of Eye Bright Tea  =  Ugx 332,000 

  • 6pcs of Eye Bright Tea  =  Ugx 450,000  

NOTE: We recommend you use minimum of 4 packs for maximum results!

Choose Us, There is Security!!!

Made By A Trusted & Reputable Company


My night vision as improved greatly after using this product. It's a amazement to me as I didn't know it could be this easy!

- Dembe, Kampala

Thanks for this amazing product. My eyes feel brighter and my eyeballs feel well lubricated; before I started using this formula they felt uncomfortable all day long.  

- Nancy, Masaka

I can testify that this tea works perfectly. Thanks to you guys for this wonderful tea. Great product!
- Shanelle, Kira
Thanks for this amazing product. My eyes feel brighter and my eyeballs feel well lubricated; before I started using this formula they felt uncomfortable all day long.  

- Frank, Kampala

Start Your Journey Towards Your 10/10 Vision!

 OPTION #1: One Month Treatment
(2packs of Eye Bright Tea) 

 Ugx 198,000

NOTE: Every order attracts FREE SHIPPING Countrywide

 OPTION #2: Two Month Treatment
(4packs of Eye Bright Tea) 

Ugx 332,000

Try using 4-6 packs of Herbal Eye Bright Tea for the next 90-120 days and see for yourself how much stronger and healthier your eyes feel. 

Purchase Herbal Eye Bright Tea with confidence today!

Monday, October 12th, 2020

We have only 48pcs of this tea left and may be completely sold out by tomorrow!!!

NOTE: Once this batch is exhausted, then the hugely discounted price you get it as at today won't be available!  That implies that you will pay more to get this solution once this batch finish.

You have very limited time, so you have got to take action now to be among those who will enjoy in this amazing offer!!!


  • 2pcs of Eye Bright Tea  =  Ugx 198,000  

  • 4pcs of Eye Bright Tea  =  Ugx 332,000 

  • 6pcs of Eye Bright Tea  =  Ugx 450,000 

  • 8pcs of Eye Bright Tea  =  Ugx 582,000 

NOTE: We recommend you use minimum of 4 packs for maximum results!

If You Know That You Are Travelling or You Currently Do Not Have The Cash, PLEASE DO NOT ORDER NOW. So As To Ensure That Those Who REALLY Need It Get Theirs In This Batch!

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