"Small Manhood& Premature Ejaculation Made Me A Ridicule... I Suffered Lot of Heart Breaks...
Fell For Wrong Medications & Juju... Until I Ran Into A Secret Ancient Solution That Has Helped Top Alhajis In Accra Marry And Maintain 5,6 Wives Satisfactorily!"

"...who could have believed that the solution I seek is in a 192 Years Old Herbs From Asia"

Every Woman Want Wowing Moment In Bed Like This

Women Don't Joke With Sexual Satisfaction!

Can You See How Much Women Want Sweetest Experience In Bed?

No woman love small manhood or a man that can't dig well for long. Every woman want a very good size of manhood and a man that can dig well...

I am Adjei Frimpong by name.

Sharing sensitive stories about my life is not my thing, but for the sake of my fellow men, their wives, fiancee, side chicks, baby mama and every other man out there...

...who might be facing the frustrating situation of having dead instrument, I have chose to open up just this once.

My manhood wasn't just too small but was almost DEAD... It's done within 2 Minutes

Many times, I shoot during foreplay. Very dishearting, and terrible situation.

The whole palava started during my days in University of Ghana.

In my second year to be precise...

I tried many things to get rid of the ordeal while in the university but all my effort yielded no major result.

The ordeal continued all through my service year till the end my 18 months Ethical Hacking & Firewall studies at JetKing, Hyberabad, Telangana, India.

I returned to Ghana as a Certified Ethical Hacker(CEH) but I could not sastisfactorily certify any bedroom experience with my almost DEAD instrument. 

I Was Desperately Hungry For Huge Manhood & Solve My 2 Minuteness Completely! I Wanted To Be A Man That Women Will Always Get Wet Mere Seeing My Dick...

In My Desperate Hunger For a Lasting Solution, I Tried Every Single Solution I Came Across Including Juju & Rituals

I was introduced to one baba in Cape Coast... the man made juju for me. He even asked me to carry out some rituals, claiming that one of my old University friends cast a spell on me... to bring terrible situations & frustration to my sex life

Of course I did, but all na wash...

I wasted lot of money, time & energy trying many thing that never gave me sustainable and lasting solution as I desire

How long do I want to be a man with almost dead instrument...

...managing small manhood & 2 minute games.

How many times would an ugly incident happen to a man before he learns?

But I Never Want To Marry With This Headache.

I Wanted To Get Rid of It Before Settling Down At All....

...The Fear of Having A Cheating Wife or Ending Up In Divorce Scares Me So Much

I wanted lasting solution at all cost, as I never want anyone to be servicing my woman... I wanted to get rid of my secret shame...

After wasting money on lots of fakes out there... and risking my life testing out many concoction, juju... I come in contact with... the same solution that didn't only help me PERMANENTLY reverse my premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction problems, and added extra 6inches to my size... but has gone ahead to help over 47 other men.

See few of the amazing testimony below

The news got so wide that I started getting calls from everywhere... even outside of the country.

At a point, it started interfering heavily with my projects.

So, an idea came...

That idea gave birth to this site.

I thought about penning down my experiences in a web page, so that anyone far and wide can read through, get directives on how to get the solution, and be in steady contact with me.

I Could Not Believe That The Permanent & No Side-Effect Solution To My Small Johnson, Weak Rod  And 2 Minuteness Is With Someone Very Close To Me...

I was on a eight months project with  MainOne, Accra... Myself & Akeem were among the lead experts in the team and we share lot of things together 

Akeem has the secret solution I was looking for! What a Miracle...

I had to open up to him in one of our evenings at the golf course....

He's a complete man, a total active and whole man who has sent Premature Ejaculation & Small Manhood packing long time ago..

Voila, no wonder he always chop ladies and clean mouth, yet they still run after him

He shared with me the secret his Dad and some of his dad's friends who are top Alhajis in Accra use... the secret that makes them super active in bed with long instrument even in their 60s, 70s...

Men who has 4,5,6 And Maintain Them Satisfactorily.

The Same Secrets That His Dad of 72years still use to satisfy the 28yrs old new wife to make his wives 5 in total

I Was There Wondering How I Wasted Time, Energy & Resources on Many Things That Never Gave Me Result... I Almost Completely Lost My Self Esteem 

I Had To Meet Akeem's Dad Who Was a Seasoned Medical Doctor. He also affirm the effectiveness of the 2 set solution.

According to him, while one of the solutions takes care of the 2 minutes wahala(Premature Ejaculation as well as erectile dysfunction)… the other works to gradually empower the muscles of the cucumber to make it bigger, thicker and more confident, which solve Small Manhood palava.

However, getting access to this very solution wasn't easy... since it's not made in Ghana, but a foreign product.

With his help, I ordered and got it in about 9 days via FEDEX. I gave the two secrets a trial and it ended up as a miracle! I started noticing my manhood growth within 4 days of usage...

My Manhood increase by 6.9inches... I started riding and lasting long up to 37minutes.What baffles me about this very solution is not just that it helps you last up to 37 minutes the very first night you take it

... it's in the revitalization function it does.

Once you start applying it, it rebuilds your body system ... and you WILL NOT need to continue using it.

So, it did for me.

Just use it to correct your problem... and you can do your thing on your own.

I wasn't ashamed to share my testimony with anybody I could think of.


In the process, I realized that more and more men suffer from the same issue that almost finished me. As a result, more and more men got really interested in my solution.

However, there were two problem... 

Importing them separately, was freaking expensive

...and I was the busy type.

Few persons could afford it. No thanks to the high rising dollar rate.


This left me with a mission...

...to help as many men as possible to get rid of this terrible bedroom situation and regain their confidence using this amazing ancient solutions.

I shared my mission with Akeem and His Dad...

His Dad gave me direct contact of his doctor friend in Russia.

I reached an agreement with the doctor in Russia on a deal.

The agreement was that, if I can order in bulk, he will press on the company to go really low on the price.

That way too, the cost of shipping would be somehow reduced. That was exactly what we did... and it worked.


...Akeem and I pulled little cash together...

....we ordered for 87 pieces each of the two ancient solutions.

Trust my pals who have been waiting for some kinda favourable price.

In just the first week, 38 of them got for themselves.

I was marveled... and at the same time fulfilled that I'm helping people escape the ordeal that almost saw my end.

While making efforts to notify more people about the solution, I got an inspiration to extend this help beyond my immediate environment.

Hence, I paid some website developers to come up with this website so that we can reach more people.

That worked...

However, the only issue right now is that the hundreds of people hitting this site daily will have to compete with the people around me on the remaining 49 slots

So... it's obvious slots will be filling up fast.

The mission is with "No Profit Motive For Now"


But once this batch is exhausted, if we must get another batch, then the hugely discounted price you get it as at today won't be available then.

...anyone getting the ancient solutions from this first batch will enjoy a whooping discount

If You Know That You Are Travelling or You Currently Do Not Have The Cash, PLEASE DO NOT ORDER NOW. So As To Ensure That Those Who REALLY Need It Get Theirs In This First Batch!

Here Is What The 2 Solutions Look Like, Plus How To Get Your Own Slot Today...  Before The Remaining 49 Slots Fly Away!!!


The No-side-effect penis enlargement miracle: Used in USA, UK, Canada etc 

Normal Price = 390 cedis 

Today's Discounted Price = 210 cedis


The Premature Ejaculation Solution, getting rid of erectile dysfunction, certified solution for long lasting sex, boost confidence and  stamina, low libido, low sperm count, etc

Normal Price = 570 cedis 

Today's Discounted Price = 290 cedis

This Male Sexual Vitality Tea works miracles, putting permanent end to premature ejaculation, low libido, weak manhood, erectile dysfunction, low sperm count, without any side effect!

If you are buying the 2 products(TITAN GEL and MALE SEXUAL VIATLITY TEA) together, you enjoy a further whooping 100 cedis discount from us.


NOTE: You will enjoy FREE SHIPPING anywhere you are in Ghana, if you order now!

Discounted Price = 500 cedis    400 cedis

Amazing testimonies comes in daily from our customers

NOTE: There are lot of products out there that are not working at all, but these ones(TITAN GEL and SEXUAL VITALITY TEA) works greatly, giving permanent results without any side effects. We realize one funny thing recently, the moment some people heard of the amazing change of story these ancient secrets are giving people, they came up with fake TITAN GEL. Don't fall for their fake TITAN GEL. Below is the image showing how the fake TITAN GEL looks and the difference between the fake and the original (the original is the one I used, the same every of our customers used with massive results and gave great results and that is the one you will get from us!) 

 Irrespective of the current size of your manhood or how much length you desire to grow, you are covered!  TITAN GEL gives you permanent growth in length and width without any side effects.

 Each bottle of TITAN GEL is to be used daily, one bottle last for 4weeks.

NOTE: Depending on how small your manhood is or how much length & width you want to grow, you can go for 1pcs or 2pcs or 4pcs. You are guaranteed of maximum results!

Every woman want something like the cocks below to get wowing experience in bed!

You can never satisfy your woman except you permanently get rid of premature ejaculationlow libido and erectile dysfunction!!! Every woman want to reach orgasm and speak in amazing tongues as you hit her g-spot in multiple rounds of sex, giving her wowing sexual experience..

I am sure you want golden smile on her face after sweet sex. In case you have been having this challenge for a very long time, One Month Treatment of these palava require 2pcs of the Male Sexual Vitality Tea.

Are you having watery sperm or low sperm count? Then, you need Two Solid Month Treatment with 4pcs of the Male Sexual Vitality(MSV) Tea!!! 

2-PACKS VITALITY TEA: Premature Ejaculation & Erectile Dysfunction Wonder

The Premature Ejaculation Solution, getting rid of erectile dysfunction, certified solution for long lasting sex, boost confidence and  stamina, low libido, low sperm count, etc

4-PACKS VITALITY TEA : Low Sperm Count Wonder

The low sperm count miracle, boost sex confidence and  stamina, low libido, low sperm count, etc

These two amazing solutions(TITAN GEL & VITALITY TEA) gives PERMENANT SOLUTIONS without ANY side effects!

If you place your order right away, I'll make sure I blow your mind further till you have wet dreams... :)

Here's how:- Once you place your order NOW, and receive it... simply email me, and I'll hand you over, for FREE the digital copy of this great "talk of the town" book I recently bought... as a 100% FREE bonus.

The book shows you how to naturally and safely strengthen a bent penis, without side effects... 

Every step involved in the book is 100% natural. It strengthens your penis in such a way that, when next you pull out your instrument before your woman, especially a new catch, you don't look like you're facing Lagos, while your penis faces Lokoja LOL.

However, I must warn that ONLY those who place their order right away gets this additional bonus book for free. If you procrastinate further, you may not get it.

In my years of finding solution to my bedroom disappointments, I always invest heavily on a lot of GREAT resources.

So,  if you place your order now, you'll qualify to get the following additional ebooks as BONUS, the 4in1 Sexual Mastery Pack!

Amazing Bonuses For You TODAY:

  • Bonus #1 - Penile Curvature Correction  (worth $17)

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  • Bonus #4 - The Ultimate Guide To Crazy Good Sex  (worth $3.5)

  • Bonus #5 - A Guide To Clitoral Sex  (worth $3)

Guess What?

All of these digital books that I'm giving you as bonuses are worth over $32. But you will be getting all of them for FREE at no other extra cost. Isn't that electrically amazing!

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  • 1pcs Titan Gel = 210ghc

  • 1pcs Male Sexual Vitality(MSV) Tea = 290ghc

  • 1pcs Titan Gel + 1pcs Vitality Tea = 400ghc

  • 2pcs Titan Gel = 350ghc

  • 4pcs Titan Gel = 660ghc

  • 2pcs Sexual Vitality Tea = 500ghc

  • 4pcs Sexual Vitality Tea = 900ghc

  • 2pcs Titan Gel + 1pcs Vitality Tea = 600ghc

  • 4pcs Titan Gel + 1pcs Vitality Tea = 1000ghc

I'm sure you can't wait for your woman to hold your big dick like this below and you rock her pussy to orgasm severally...

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Testimonies keep rolling in from our customer. Due to space, we can't put all testimonies from our customers here, but below are a few of them!


  • Apply the gel on the penis
  • Hand massage, squeeze, hand holding the penis to pull out, each 2-3 seconds     
  • Duration of about 7-10 minutes
  • Use for once or twice daily. Before use, ensure you wash the scrotum and penis with warm water.
  • Do not wash the penis for 5-7hrs after using the gel.



  • Recommended Usage: Once Daily: In The Morning or Evening
  • How to brew:
  • Put a teabag into a clean cup
  • Add hot water to it
  • Allow brewing for 3 to 5 minutes
  • Then enjoy (You may add sweeteners such as Honey to taste)
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We have only 19pcs left for each of the product. Titan Gel for the Small Manhood Solution, Male Sexual Vitality Tea For Premature Ejaculation, Low Sex Drive, Erectile Dysfunction, and Low Sperm Count. Just 19pcs left and may be sold out by tomorrow!!!

NOTE: If You Know That You Are Travelling or You Currently Do Not Have The Cash, PLEASE DO NOT ORDER NOW. So As To Ensure That Those Who REALLY Need It Get Theirs In This First Batch!

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